Sep 23

The reading from Timothy this week invites us to reflect on how we live our lives as people of faith. In particular, the challenge today is how we can hope to make any difference when it comes to being agents of peace in the world.

The internet is rapidly becoming an exciting new tool to live out our gospel call.

Sermon, 23rd September, 2007
St. David’s Oakleigh
Rev. Arnie Wierenga

Sep 21

Desmond TutuToday (September 21st) is International Peace Day.

“Peace in its most fundamental form is the connection of one human spirit to another.
10 Million Clicks For Peace hastens the connection process. What a beautiful and remarkable concept!”

Archbishop Emeritus
Desmond Tutu
Nobel Peace Laureate

The 10 million clicks for peace is a way to use technology to ease the burdon of peacemakers by involving ordinary people to create a more peaceful world. Their basis for increasing peace is to eradicate the reasons people go to war – which essentially means increasing the well-being of all people.

Can a few Clicks be THIS Powerful?
Finally, the Internet comes together to do something about peace. Now you really CAN make a difference to make this world a better place! Your clicks count. Make them now!

Sep 19

Art at Advent Seminar at the Centre for Thelogy and Ministry, October 6th:

– resourcing corporate worship and personal reflection this Advent season.

Advent art cardsConversations with Townsville artist Jan Hynes, lecturer in art history and spirituality (Yarra Theological Union, Box Hill) Claire Renkin, and worship curator Mark Pierson, about Jan’s stunning contemporary renderings of the Christmas story and approaches to using them in worship.

This is a rare opportunity to engage with this witty and laconic Australian artist, and to consider how contemporary art can help vitalise our experience of the Incarnation.

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Sep 16

The parables of the lost sheep and lost coin invite us to consider the best of God’s love – but sometimes our human desire to divide people – those who are in compared to those who are out can transform God’s best into our worst.

Sermon 16th September, 2007 (pdf)
St. David’s Oakleigh
Rev. Arnie Wierenga

Sep 14

Tamil refugeeAustralia will try to find another country to take in 72 Sri Lankan refugees who have been detained on Nauru since their boat was intercepted by the Royal Australian Navy near Christmas Island in February.

A number of others on the boat are still being assessed to determine whether their claims for asylum are genuine.

Federal Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews says that because the group tried to enter Australia illegally they will not be allowed to remain here, despite their assessment as genuine refugees.

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Sep 13

Make poverty historySo far 21,172 people have faced up to poverty. The make poverty history campaign invites you to sign up as well…

Australia’s biggest photo petition:

Face Up provides a unique opportunity prior to the Federal election to show our political leaders the growing number of faces behind the call for policy change for more and better overseas aid.

Give more than just your signature to Make Poverty History. This is your chance to go that extra step and help get the Australian Government to Face Up To Poverty by adding your face to the first ever Make Poverty History photo petition.

Add your face now!

Sep 13

peace doveOn September 21st, many will be marking the day as International Day of Peace.

You are invited to join the worldwide movement to create a Global Ceasefire and day of peace and nonviolence. To find out what is happening near you or what you can do to promote peace, check out the Peace Day website. It includes resources, UN resolutions, music for peace, things for kids to do towards peace, and how to create a culture for peace.

Sep 12

Anita RoddickTributes have been pouring in from across the world for green and ethical business pioneer Anita Roddick, founder of the Body Shop chain and supporter of Fair Trade, who died on 10 September 2007 aged 64 after a major brain haemorrhage.Dame Anita, the daughter of Italian immigrants, set up the first Body Shop in Brighton in 1976 – when its approach was regarded as radical and new. She pioneered cruelty-free beauty products and turned them into a highly profitable enterprise.

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Sep 6

Keep up to date with the latest happenings around the parish of Balkara.

Parish News – September 2007 (pdf)

Sep 2

The gospel is rich with stories that invite us into the love of God. As we come to experience the abundance and depth of God’s love, it becomes easier to let go of inappropriate anxiety and self-interest.

Sermon – 070902 – Rev Arnie Wierenga, St. David’s, Oakleigh (pdf)