We believe community is an essential ingredient for a healthy life.

icon of the TrinityCommunity is modelled to us through the dance of the Father-Son-Holy Spirit that in Christian theology is known as perichoresis. There is a famous Orthodox icon of the Trinity that suggests the three persons of the God-head are in communion or community, while being open to the viewer to participate also. This rich image of community is something we delight in.

Community is also a strong theme in the life of Jesus. When the disciples are busy protecting their master from distractions, Jesus scolds them for sending the children away. Those who were normally on the fringes of community in Jesus’ day were invited to the middle of it. Children, women, and those who were sick commonly found a place close to Jesus.

At St. David’s we keep working on community because it can be rich with God’s justice, full of God’s promises, abundant with God’s blessings. We welcome technology that allows our community life to include those who access via the web.

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