May 30

While I might flippantly speak of my favourite football team with pride, C.S. Lewis was a little more serious when it came to speaking about it.

He has argued that pride is a “spiritual cancer,” “the complete anti-God state of mind,” and “the chief cause of misery in every nation and in every family since the world began.”

For insight into his thinking, Christianity 9 to 5 has provided his chapter on “The Great Sin” from Mere Christianity.

May 28

Father BobFather Bob Maguire has been a tireless worker for social justice in Melbourne for many years, as Minister in the Catholic Parish of St. Peter and St. Paul in South Melbourne.

More recently, he has gained a degree of notoriety for his contributions to several projects by Melbourne comedian John Safran, notably the series “Speaking in Tongues”, as well as their regular slot on JJJ FM.

The people at ‘Edgespace’, an outreach ministries project of the Uniting Church caught up with Father Bob recently. You can catch him on video here.

May 26

If you want to know what is happening around and about the Uniting Church in these parts, you are invited to immerse yourself in Crosslight. 

Crosslight is the publication for the Uniting Church in Austraia, Synod of Victoria and tasmania. Published 11 times a year, it is now also a blogsite which updates Uniting Church web visitors on the activities and life of the church community.

May 24

The Uniting Church in Australia has many blog sites with lots of interesting content. One site is titled the Alternative Worship Project, and is run by Cheryl Lawrie, and funded by the Commissin for Mission.

If you wish to join in the blog community, you may register and post comments in response to Cheryl’s blog entries.

May 22

Baptcare, the Brunswick Baptist Church and the Hotham Mission Asylum Seeker Project are opening a new housing facility called Sanctuary where twenty male asylum seekers who have no right to work, Medicare or any welfare payment can safely await their visa application outcome.


May 20

Corruption reportMelbourne, Australia (ENI). Rich nations are the real beneficiaries of the “boom industry” of global corruption that is making the world’s poor even poorer. 

That is the central finding of a new report, “From Corruption to Good Governance”, about global bribery and malpractice, by the Uniting Church in Australia. 

The report calls for an all-out attack on tax havens that, it asserts, help wealthy individuals and businesses prosper at the expense of the poor.


May 18

St Andrew’s Cathedral has launched a new topical discussion show and is the place to catch it.

The Chat Room features Dean of Sydney Phillip Jensen and broadcaster and author Kel Richards tackling current issues in contemporary culture such as multiculturalism, pornography, gambling and abortion and has been made available for download at


May 16

Booze buxA PORT Macquarie church wants to help tackle the issue of binge-drinking in the town’s CBD. Police have welcomed the initiative, saying any support that helps young people stay out of trouble is worthwhile. 

Ignite Church, the youth arm of Grace Church on the Oxley Hwy, will use a bus to transport drunk or sick people home on a Friday night. Youth pastor Todd Murray raised funds to buy the bus, which already transports about 40 people to Ignite Church on a Wednesday night. 

The $10,000 bus will park near the corner of Horton and Clarence streets from about 8pm until midnight every Friday from April 4. Mr Murray said there would be a team of up to 10 people, including trained counsellors, handing out coffee and biscuits, as well as providing a lift home for those in need. 

“This is a community project aimed at reducing crime and helping teens learn that there is hope in life,” the pastor, 30, said. 


May 14

Don Schoendorfer creates makeshift wheelchairs for the disabled around the world. They cost him less than $49, but he has given away a quarter million of them for free.

This video report aired in December, but last week Don became one of three American unsung heroes to recieve the Above and Beyond Citizen Honors, awarded by the Society of Medal of Honor recipients.


May 12

World's tallest manJust because you are in the Guiness World Record book doesn’t mean your life is all roses.

Leonid Stadnik got frostbite from walking in socks, because he couldn’t afford custom shoes to fit his frame of 8 feet 5 inches. He walked with crutches when his knees gave out from the strain of supporting 440 lbs. But the Ukrainian has found new hope in the kindness of strangers who sent a giant bicycle to help with transportation and oversized shoes and clothes — even a computer with internet.

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