May 9

As we celebrate Mother’s Day and the gift of life and creation given us by God, we reflect on the amazing story of call upon Mary. As the angel greets her with news difficult to fathom, we consider why this is good news, not simply for Mary but for everyone.

Sermon Sunday May 9th, 2010 (pdf)

May 2

Jesus reminds us that disciples are known through their lives of love towards others. As we reflect on how difficult this is to do and be, we know that alone we cannot live out this calling.

Despite the struggle, through embracing this reality and finding ourselves close to the replenishing love of God, we come much closer to the dream of God’s new heaven and new earth.

Sermon Sunday May 2nd, 2010 (pdf)
St. David’s Uniting Church, Oakleigh
Rev. Arnie Wierenga