Asylum Seekers

rally for peace and justice

The Balkara Parish has an interest in the well-being of people who seek Asylum in our country. People who come from difficult situations of persecution in their homelands are denied many rights while their applications for refugee status are assessed. The longest serving detainee in Australia has been in prison here for more than seven years, for the crime of being a displaced person.

We know of some of the difficulties and experiences of Asylum Seekers through some of our friends who have needed to flee their homelands through civil war. You begin to realise the different world some come from when your friends literally ‘hit the ground’ seeking cover when a loud thunder-strike hits. In Australia, few people have experienced the terror of mortar shells, or been in fear of their lives.

We were able to celebrate recently with one member of our parish who has been granted asylum. He was overwhelmed with the news which meant he could actually work for the first time, rather than live off the generosity of others.

Our Tamil congregation are often collecting things of use for Asylum Seekers, and the YAG group from the St. David’s congregation works to support Asylum Seekers financially.

If you want to offer support for Asylum Seekers, or wish to know more about what we do, please email us: here.