St. David’s

Our worship focuses on who God is, God’s relationship with us in Jesus Christ, and the ways in which God would seek to transform both ourselves and our world for the sake of justice and peace.

We begin with songs and prayers of praise, adoration and confession. After a specific focus for children, participants in the kid’s club (ages 0 to 14) leave the worship space so they can worship themselves in ways that suit different needs and ages.

In the worship space the sharing continues but is more focused on adult needs and issues. Participants here are encouraged to engage with questions that stimulate thinking to the heart of their faith. Worship is aimed at provoking, nurturing, inspiring and encouraging people to live the life of faith beyond the Sunday gathering, in all the business of life.

On the first Sunday of the month, we share together in Holy Communion, a symbolic meal by which we commune with Christ, and he with us.  By eating bread and drinking wine in this manner, we believe that Christ comes to dwell in us and to make us his body for the sake of the world.