Feb 21

“Everyday technology has social ramifications,” says Ian Packer, the new Director of Public Theology at Australian Evangelical Alliance, as he explains the importance of face-to-face relationships in communicating how the Gospel transforms the lives of those who are spreading it.

Packer proposes that we give more attention to ‘everyday-technology’, those human-made devices–such as television, mobile phones, computers and the internet–used in our daily life, that often have ‘trade-offs’ of which we are unaware.

“I don’t think most people, including Christians, understand the trade-off that tends to happen when we are involved with a particular technology. Although some Christians might be critical of the amount of television some people watch or the content of certain programs, they tend to see television itself as a neutral medium. They tend not see the inherent problems that come with the introduction of television into our homes along with the benefits.”

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