Mar 28

Earth hourAt 8.00pm on Saturday March 29th, people, businesses, corporations, towns and cities all over the world will switch off all unnecessary lights for one hour, following the lead of Sydney in 2007.

Dubbed “Earth Hour” it acknowledges climate change as a crucial issue for our community and provides a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect on our personal responsibility for the planet and yet know that we are not alone.

Project Australia invites you to be a part of this initiative by engaging in a “Conversation by Candlelight”

We are asking you to gather together a few friends (and strangers too if you can manage it) preferably by candlelight and create a conversation about climate change and any other sustainability issue that is of interest to you.

And then we’d like feedback. Just a few lines telling us where you met, how many of you were there and what the issues were that occupied your attention. You can also tell us about anythng else that came out of the event that you think might be interesting. eg. Any actions you decided to take? Any new friendships or associations that might have developed. Just whatever you feel comfortable with sharing.

We will gather these stories together for a comprehensive report on our website,

You can find out all about the initiative at

For further information on the “how to” either call or email to Meetups coordinator Noel on Tel: 0403 347 067 or email:

We can also offer a range of useful topic headlines to help get you started if you like.

Please tell us if you are considering such an event.

I hope we hear from you soon.

Project Australia

Mar 28

Be inspired by an indigenous perspective from Vicki Walker, the mystical art of Jenni Mitchell, poetic reflections from Christina Rowntree and the reflective genius of Shane Charles on didgeridoo. 


Saying Sorry to the Earth – flyer


7.30pm till 9.45pm, Sunday 30th March,2008

Templestowe Uniting Church, 104 Atkinson Street, car park at 111 Wood Street


This is Grandstand’s second major event to draw our community together to reflect on the environment.  Grandstand is an informal group of grandparents/seniors from Manningham and beyond, mainly folk from the local UCA churches.