Jun 20

Combined worship of the Cook Islands UCA, Clayton, Tamil Church Melbourne (Oakleigh), and the St. David’s UCA (Oakleigh).

Every 5th Sunday we gather for worship together.

Today we worship at Clayton from 10am. Worship will be led by the Clayton Ekalesia with Preacher Papa Mata Makara.

Please bring along something to share for lunch following worship.

All are welcome.

Jun 20

Peace by pieceIn the lead up to world youth day, an inter-faith peace ceremony will be held in Federation Sqaure on 10th July at 10am.

The ceremony is a very simple way for young people to share the beauty and treasures of their faith in its promotion of peace. Highlights of the Ceremony include:

  • Aboriginal Welcome to Land and Dance Troupe
  • Personal Witness from young people of the Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, Sikh and Christian faiths
  • Presentation of a Peace Pole to the City of Melbourne
  • Launch of the Peace by Piece Ribbon Campaign
  • Gifts of Olive trees to a representative of each Religious Tradition
  • Expression of the “Sounds of Faith”
  • Opportunity to meet and offer witness to the world
  • 2007 Australian Idol Winner Natalie Gauci to perform live

Peace by Piece seeks to bring together the youth of all faiths in a witness to the world that Religious Traditions are an avenue for Peace and not an obstacle to it. We believe that this will be the first Interfaith Peace Ceremony for Youth ever held in Federation Square and as there will be approx 20,000 Pilgrims in Melbourne in preparation for World Youth Day, we believe that this will present a very positive message to the people of Melbourne.

Should you require further information, please contact either
Fr Michael on 0410606405 or mtwigg@mazenod.vic.edu.au or
Ms Loretta Brinkman 97955077 or lbrinkman@oblates.com.au
Peace by piece advertisement (pdf)