Jun 5

Why is it that even when we know what’s right, we often do what’s wrong? A lot of reasons, for sure, but the most basic is this: We never really intended to do what’s right, at least not consistently. Indeed, that’s a personal failure, but it’s also a failure of how we disciple people.

Michael Zigarelli explores why discipleship fails here.

Jun 3

Do leaders need a coach?

Andy Stanley thinks so. He argues “In the world of athletics, nobody performs his way out of needing a coach. In the world of leadership, though, we operate under the misguided assumption that because we are leaders, we don’t need to be led


Jun 1

Michael Zigarelli writes:”Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, it is also the parent of all the others.” So said the ancient philosopher Cicero.

Two millennia later, our study of thousands of Christians confirms that gratitude indeed spawns myriad elusive virtues, like joy, inner peace, patience, forgiveness, and self-control.

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