Jul 3

Help us reverse the effects of human depletion of natural resources and preserve our environment through combating climate change by:

  1. Switch to green power today. Check out our list of accredited Green Power providers and make the switch to clean energy today. By switching to accredited Green Power you are not only helping the environment, you are supporting the growth the renewable energy market in Australia.
  2. Only heat the rooms you need. You can save a huge amount of power by only heating the rooms you are using. Also set your heating thermostat a little lower.
  3. Insulate your home to prevent heat escaping. By improving insulation around the home you can reduce the need for that heater in the winter months. Make sure you shut windows and blinds to keep heat in and the cold out!
  4. Buy a carpet snake (of the door-stop variety – not an actual python!). Another way to reduce heat loss is to seal draft-prone areas such as the spaces under external doors.
  5. Put on a jumper. Don’t walk around in a t-shirt with the heater turned on when you could just slip on a pair of woolly socks and your favourite cardigan.

For additional tips and to calculate your footprint, visit the WWF-Australia Footprint Calculator.

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