Feb 6

Wednesday 3rd February saw the ‘return’ of the Wednesday Community Luncheon for the last time. After nearly two decades of amazing service to the local community, the past Wednesday saw a meal of thanksgiving where volunteers and participants were able to thank God for all the blessings of the last 19 years.

The community luncheon began on the 15th May in either 1996 or 1993, or possibly even sooner. It was first a casual place to stop for a sandwich to share, but began to grow into the luncheon we recognise today through the efforts and skills of its volunteer workers.

As the luncheon closed its doors for the final time, the total life experience of volunteers was around 1000 years. These and many others over the years served approximately 44,250 meals, and about 110,625 courses. A rough guess puts the volunteer hours at about 34,000. In all this service has been an immense achievement.

We recognise that for all things there is a ‘season under heaven’. While we give thanks for all the luncheon has been, it is not without a sense of loss that this ministry draws to a close. In particular it has provided an important gathering place of community for an average of 80 people weekly. Some of those who attend have stated it was the most important event in their week.

It may yet be possible that new avenues to sharing a meal will open up. At the same time it is a blessing that the volunteer workforce get a well deserved break. In the near future Fusion will be recommencing their community luncheon in their new home at the Oakleigh Baptist Church on Warrigal Road.

Again, thanks be to God for a wonderful and faithful ministry that has been such a vibrant and important blessing to local and wider community.

Feb 6

A celebration that Christ is risen.
Includes Holy Communion and Kids Club.

All welcome