Dec 4

A halo of angelsOn Saturday December 15th in Oakleigh we will see the return of Search for an Angel.

This is a special event for younger children and their parents to help spread the good will of Christmas.

In Oakleigh mall (Eaton St.), and the path from there down Drummond St. to the Oakleigh Uniting Church, there will be angels waiting to be found by the children. Not only will our angels be spreading Christmas cheer, they will be giving out clues to the meaning of Christmas which can then be handed in at the church for some Christmas prizes.

Search for an angel - animal farmOne of the prizes of Christmas is waiting for all comers at the church. Our animal farm is a fun re-creation of the stable where Jesus was born. Christmas is a celebration of all the life and hope and love that Jesus brings us.

Prizes for children include an Advent showbag with lots of things to bring Christmas good will. Food, drinks and craft will also be available.

This event is a free gift to our community because we believe it is important to share freely the heart of Christmas.

If you have enquiries, please email us or call Rev. Arnie on (03) 9562 7559.

Dec 4

Search for an angel - animal farmOur Annual advent program for children returns to Oakleigh from 10am – 2pm.


  • A live animal nativity (animal farm)
  • Angels with clues about Christmas
  • Prizes to collect for angel clues
  • Showbags
  • The story of God’s love at Christmas

Dec 4

This is the final luncheon of the year.

Cost is $7.50 for a festive Christmas feast.

Bookings are essential.

Note: The community luncheon will return on the first Wednesday of February.