Dec 24

Archbishop PellRELIGION has been unfairly blamed for conflicts around the world in recent years, but Christians should remember the benefits of their devotion, Sydney Catholic Archbishop George Pell has said.

In his Christmas message, the archbishop reminds Christians that the birth of Jesus is a symbol of helplessness and hope.

“Christians believe that the almighty God has visited us, not just through prophets, saints and humanitarian heroes, but through sending his son to be born of a virgin in Bethlehem…,” Cardinal Pell has said.

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Dec 24

giftA child once asked, “If Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, why do we get all the gifts?” In the midst of the busyness of the season, many of us may have asked ourselves the same question. Are all the presents we receive and the gifts we exchange really a reflection of God?For God so loved the world that He gave… When we read those words, then it becomes clear that giving truly is at the heart of the reason we celebrate. Giving reflects God’s character and expresses His heart.

But sometimes the true meaning does get lost. That’s why we’re inviting you to be a part of the “Share and Care” Christmas challenge. When we share with those around us through giving unselfishly, we are an example of what God did for us when He sent Jesus. When we use giving to express our hearts, we show the world once again that love is the reason for Christmas.

We can give a simple present. We can give a moment of our time. We can give a small kindness or a great sacrifice. What matters is not the size of the gift, but the meaning behind it. All gifts are ultimately a reflection of Jesus, who is The Gift.

God loved. God gave. God made a difference. We can too.

This article is from the web site: Jesus is the gift