Dec 25

nativityChristmas means many different things to different people.

For those who are reminded of loved ones lost, we pray you find comfort through the gift of the Christ-child.
For those who find annoyance in the endless ‘merry making’ that seems either superficial or to pass them by, we pray you find moments of delight and joy that truly have meaning.
For those who find themselves alone, we pray you be comforted by the presence of God-with-us, as known in the story of Jesus.
For those to whom the religious event of Christmas seems to alienate your own beliefs of trample on the integrity of your religion, we pray you find open and accepting people to encourage you in your own journey.

For all people, regardless of faith, creed, background or other things that might cause fear or indifference, let us be inspired by the life of Jesus and other inspiring prophets to work together to transform this world into a place of peace.

May you find a safe and blessed place this Christmas. Blessings from the people of St. David’s Uniting Church, Oakleigh, and the Balkara Parish of the Uniting Church.